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Meet the Woman Responsible for Gigi Hadid's Custom Leather Jacket

At the point when Gigi Hadid ventured out in her custom "Hadidas" coat, the world went crazy. What's more, we stuck to this same pattern.

From that minute on it was our central goal to discover the originator and, because of the forces (and proficiency) of the World Wide Web, we discovered Jessie Willner (proprietor and imaginative chief of The Mighty Company). At that point beseeched her for a visit.
Around two weeks after the underlying email, we ended up in the originator's carport turned-workspace encompassed by hand-painted calfskin coats, a glaring pink neon sign and the thoughts of a craftsman. We jabbered about how Jessie began and how Bella Hadid and different celebs are rehash clients. In any case, our most loved part was seemingly when she serenaded us on her new harmonica, which was as a matter of fact a spur of the moment purchase. "You know when you simply require one all the more thing to top off your Amazon truck?" Totally.
How could you …