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The lion (Panthera leo) is one of the five big cats in the genus Panthera and a member of the family Felidae. With some males exceeding 250 kg (550 lb) in weigh, it is the second-largest living cat after the tiger. The babies of the lion are known as lion cubs. Lionesses give birth to 2-3 cubs at a time. Usually a couple females give birth around the same time. The cubs are then raised together, sometimes nursing communally.

The lion cubs born in the best African safari in the world with plenty of African wildlife gives rise to the coming of noble King of the jungle and the head of the big five to walk the land. Born wild the first days of life, the two to four of the cute harmless cubs of the lioness are born in the bounty vast grasslands of the Savannah which holds one of the greatest animal migration in history.

Lion Information:

Swahili Name:     Motto wa Simba
Scientific Name:  Panthera leo
Size:                  10 TO 48 inches high
Weight:             2.2 TO 330 to 500 pounds
Open Eyes:       About 10 days
Walk:                After 10 to 15 days
Run After           25 to 30 days
Lifespan:           13 years in captivity
Habitat:             Savannah woodlands
Diet:                 Mothers milk, Carnivorous
Gestation:         About 105 days
Predators:         Animals & Humans

Being part of the lion pride doesn't come about if you don't have the lions head with all the sharp canines to reap and tear down flesh. When the cub's permanent teeth start to appear after a few months, they are truly eligible to be the princes of the African Jungle with pride. At the end of lion cub’s first year, when their milk teeth have been replaced by permanent teeth, the cubs are introduced to stalking and hunting by their mother. At this time, in the company of the big lions, there is always a lot of socializing and familiarizing themselves with what they come along with. These cute baby lions, playing, running, jumping and biting with each other is always the name and thing of the day.

The Lion cub Spotted Coat

The lion cub costume as far as this baby Samba king and also female lion are concerned, when the lion cubs are born, they have visible tawny black spots running down the spine and as the baby lion grows older, the cub's spotted coat disappears with time while some cubs tend to keep their spotted coat for eight months, and sometimes it can even take longer than expected.

The baby lion lower parts tend to be white and woolly and gradually the whiteness fades away with time.

What would people say if the baby lion never lost its spots?

Just as baby lions and baby tigers lose their spots, nature has its own ways just as the Male lion's mane which is not found in other breeds of lions around the world. What's the easiest way to spot a lion in the African jungle on a safari or just in the wilderness and being at the wrong time and at the wrong place? Well just as you can distinguish a male chicken by its crown on its head. These lion cubs when they become adult male lions they will have mane because lions are the only part of the cat family in which males can be distinguishes from each other by their looks.


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